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Paula Zuleta

singer & songwriter

Colombian singer-songwriter with a successful career leading international orchestras such as Son de Azúcar, Orquesta Canela and Grupo Niche of Jairo Varela.

She has a Bachelor of Music from Universidad Del Valle and currently runs her company Paz Entertainment in the United States, where she began her solo career and has become an ambassador of Colombian tropical music.

With her first album "Mezcla Soy" Paula has gained the acceptance of the specialized industry critics by earning a Latin Grammy nomination. This recognition was a key point in her career and started her new wave of international performances.

With her second album "Cumbia Sin Fronteras" (Tribute to the Greatest), Paula performed at different festivals and cultural events in the United States, Ecuador, Spain and Colombia.

Paula is currently focused on promoting her third album “Mestizaje” full of strength and color, with the guidance of international producers. The outlook for 2021 looks promising with an agenda full of performances as a solo artist and with her group Las Divas All-Stars.