We specialize in full-service music productions for all musical styles, nurturing an artist’s initial idea through all the stages of development, composition and production, to final delivery.

We also offer booking services through our departments of: Concerts and Musical Shows, DJ and Party shows, Sound & Lights, and Artists.

Live & Virtual Shows

We offer customized characters, fairies, mimes, even themed for any specific period of history.

We offer customized characters, fairies, mimes, or themed for any specific period of time. We work together with you to obtain the desired effect to go with your event.

Our greeting models outstand in any event, all professional models, working as public relations staff to guide and support your event during any show or corporate exhibitions.


Saga 11 Productions offers an array of musical studio production services for corporate, commercial, entertainment clients and artists, as well as a variety of music and performing arts classes.

  • Concerts & Shows
  • Sound & Lights
  • Artists: Singersm, Musicians, Bands, Actors, Performance, Dancers
  • Music Studio & Production

Interactive Music and Performing Arts Classes

We are proud to present a series of In-Person and Interactive online/virtual classes to children, teens and adults of different abilities, needs and challenges, and of any level, including beginners and anyone interested in continuing their performing arts, acting, voice or instrument lessons.

We customize our programs and adapt our services to each individual to best fit personal needs, goals, and schedules.

Musical Studio & Production

Recording with us at a professional studio means that you will have access to people who know the musical tips and tricks to get your songs and production sounding great and with the best quality.

From instrument setups to recording, mixing and mastering techniques; our people know how to get the job done right.

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Special thanks to the Miami-Dade Arts Support (MAS) Grant Program

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