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Ranses Colon

International Bassists

From Venezuela to Miami Mr Ranses Colon is one of the most sought after bassists in the world, both for live performances and for recordings.

He plays all the electric basses, 4, 5, 6, and 7 string, including fretless, as well as the baby bass and upright acoustic bass.

His recorded works with artists such as Ricky Martin, Placido Domingo, Juan Gabriel, Nestor Torres, Enrique Chia, Celia cruz (band leader), Juan Luis Guerra and Oscar De Leon. are highly succesful. The album "Tribute to Lecuona", with Enrique Chia, was nominated for a Grammy in 2002.

He is the premier bassist for tango performers who goes to the Miami area to entertain. Ranses performing Chamber, Latin and Folklore music. He has recorded and performed in almost every style of contemporary music, from Rap to CLassical, Jazz to Latin, Danzon to Reggae. Ranses is co-founder of the Mr. Colon Productions, where he works in production and arrangements. Their first album produced at home "ROSE" was released in 2002 and is still very popular.



  • Pop: Ricky Martin
  • Pop: Juan Gabriel
  • Ballad: Teddy Riley
  • Rap: Juan Pablo Torres
  • Latin and Jazz: Enrique Chia
  • Tango: Alfredo Sadel
  • Le Jazz Hot: Stephen Grapelli / Django
  • LatinPop: Grupo Ogan
  • Piazzplla style: Omar Acosta - Ensemble "venezolano" - Venezuelan Folklore, "Tropical Breeze".
  • Latin Music: Mangu Rap
  • Roberto Ledesma: Bolero
  • Meme Solis
  • Alfredo Munar: Zarzuela, ballet, opera Dream


  • Miami Chamber Orchestra
  • Symphony of Caracas in Venezuela for ten years.
  • The movie "Havana Nocturne"
  • Ars Flores Symphony
  • Palm Beach Pops
  • Miami Chamber Orchestra - Principal
  • Miami Symphony
  • Symphony of the Americas
  • Venezuelan Symphony
  • Cahao´s All Star
  • Paul Cohen Big Band
  • The Frank Derreick Big Band

Toured in Europe with MANGU 1990´s


Desmod Childs, Emilio Estefan, David Campbell, Jose Galdo, Bebo Silvetti.


Peter Nero, Hal Linden, Ken Popolski, Buki Pizarelli, Lucy Arnaz, Giovanni Hidalgo, Ira Sullivan, Michelle Camil, Ray BArreto, Paquito D´Rivera, Mr. Bebo Valdes, Chucho Valdes Jr., Jean Pierre Rampal. Mistlav Rostropovich, Bernadette Peters, Gloria Estefan, Pete Conde Rodriguez, Henri Fiol, Lebron Brothers, Adalberto Santiago, among others.

He has done musical arrangements for El Puma and Tropicana All-Stars